Time To Choose

HELLO Fellow Metaphysical Musers! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write! This evening I want to talk more about a most important subject, one dear to my heart, THE BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE—otherwise known as your inner Super Hero (my coin x), the Adam Kadmon, the gigantic divine being of the Upanishads, the Quantum Human, and so on. I have written about it in Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and  The I AM Decrees of Jesus Christ and those are good preliminary articles. Today I feel compelled to go deeper. The need is grave. It’s time to choose.

Humanity is poised on a precipice. We can become more illumined or we can become more mechanistic. We can advance technology of mind or we can become slaves to technology. We can enter unity consciousness or we can become part of the hive mind of the Singularity. We can become one with the quantum field, able to draw down inspiration beyond our wildest reckoning and co-create with limitless potential, or we can become a cog in a wheel, chipped and connected to a cloud that regulates our emotions in a satellite Wifi-ed world.

We can become a cog in the wheel or the divine human. Time to choose.

What is your choice? It is the time to make a choice. There is no more room for fence sitting. If you want to go quantum, connect yourself to all you can be, re-member your inherent majesty and reclaim what has been taken from you, then read on.

I AM Presence, Causal Body, Higher Self, 3D Self

Bear with me for a little science. Our atoms have been proven to not be negatively and positively charged protons and electrons but a field of energy surrounding a nucleus that may be a black hole, like the centre of our galaxy. When this cloud of energy is observed, it collapses into space-time and creates a quantum event, at that point a proton or a neutron is revealed.

Our observation creates reality! Or, I should say, visible reality. From what we understand from the quantum scientists only 1% of reality is visible. The rest exists as limitless potential. That is basically what we are. If we concentrate on the cloud of energy, the quantum field, we are that. If we concentrate on the 1% appearance of dense matter, we are that.

 David Bohm, the great physicist said, ‘Matter is frozen light’

Everything is actually light. Light is nature’s way of distributing information. Light is frequency waiting to be interpreted by the bio-computer of your brain. Why am I telling you this? I want you to see your world as light that collapses into form as a quantum event when we observe and returns to subjective fluidity and infinite possibility.

The I AM PRESENCE is the electronic aspect of our being. At this ‘level’ to use an inadequate linear word, we are connected to the quantum field. We have left space-time and the electromagnetic world of thought and feeling and entered the electric field of infinite potential. In the image the top figure is the I AM PRESENCE. It is continually pouring LOVE, LIGHT and INFORMATION from the quantum field into you.

The second figure is your Higher Self, the aspect that connects to higher mind and higher heart. And then there is our human self. The good news is, if we intend it, all these ‘selves’ are now integrating. As Earth’s frequency and our own frequency rises we are able to hold and embody more of our Higher Self, and even our I AM PRESENCE.

When Christ, the way-shower of the Quantum Age, ascended and walked upon Earth in a translucent body of Light he was one with his I AM PRESENCE.

The rings around the I AM PRESENCE are your Causal Body. Your stores laid down in heaven. This is all the good you have amassed in your journey of life. It is waiting to return to you as substance that can be moulded into whatever your heart desires if it is for your highest good, which is always equal to the highest good of all. All you need is to maintain perfect HARMONY! Easy, right. NOT. But that’s the journey. We achieve harmony by healing our emotions and disciplining our thoughts and carefully guiding our actions.

I’ve had a crazy week where I’ve had three friends spill their guts acrimoniously about another they are sure is the author of their woes. Though I repeated my litany of ‘have a sincere authentic conversation…’ I really felt slimed. They do not want to see it takes two to tango and enter honest communication. Time to take a leaf out of the great Ronna Herman’s book (she’s been a scribe for Archangel Michael for 50 years) and simply say I won’t be around negative talk anymore. If we only understood how EVERY thought creates our reality, we would be so much more careful with our words!!! And I am enabling by letting their cascades engulf me. No more.

At our essence, we are pure electronic love beyond our wildest reckoning

Every morning call to your BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE and say good morning giver of Life! Be with me today. Hold me in harmony. Corral my thoughts and help me heal my emotions. Call down the ascended masters tube of protection, the pillar of white light you see in the picture and call up the Violet Flame, the great alchemical flame of divine mercy and transmutation to dissolve cause core effect and memory of that which separates you from your highest potential and your highest good. And give thanks. Gratitude brings Grace.

Have discernment in your life and walk away from that which does not serve you. Discernment is not judgement. It’s an important part of our journey. Have compassion for all. Narrow your life now. Don’t fritter time or thoughts or actions. Choose wisely.

We are at a crucial juncture. The portal is open.


Love Stephanie Sinclaire

The Metaphysical Muse


I AM PRESENCE Chart from the Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation