The Science of Decree–Creating Your Life With Sound Part Two

Decree a thing and it shall be given unto you. What exactly does this mean? And what exactly is decree? Imagine we are swimming in a humming energy soup. We are! It permeates us and surrounds us. It is vastly intelligent and vibrating with infinite Life, infinite potential. Any thought, word or deed affects this Unified Field of Light & Energy and it instantly responds by forming architectures of geometry that will draw substance and become form.

Every thought or emotion or action will manifest at some point. Everything we say and feel especially with strong emotion imprints and encodes the Unified Field and the vast manifesting sentience of it says, ‘OK, thanks for your order today, comin’ right up!’ This is karma! This is the law of cause and effect. Karma is not punishment. It is simply consequence. Becoming responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions is crucial. If it’s in your life, you created it. If it’s in our world you co-created it. You are either part of the problem or part of the cure.

We are code masters, but we are code masters unwittingly and we need to become fully conscious code masters. Enter the science of decree which is next door to affirmation but more powerful. Decree is more powerful because we preface with the Words of Power I AM, the universal motor of manifestation. We hitch our wagon to the super power of the God force with those words.

Sit for a moment and take stock. Where are you in your life? Where would you like to be? What qualities are missing? What qualities do you have you are grateful for? It’s always best to concentrate on qualities because when we get that right all the rest follows. Seek first the kingdom within and all else will be given unto you. This means create your heaven inside and it cannot fail to outpicture and manifest on the outside! Heaven will come in a twinkling of an eye.This means your eye! When you change your perception and your focus, life will change. When you change yourself your destiny will change. Character is destiny. When you change the people around you change. The ones who do not see you with eyes of love will either wake up or fall out. Painful but there is now room for loving friends and partnerships.

We begin by redesigning our inner castle. Our first step is perfect Harmony. This is a divine quality. When we are in perfect Harmony the divine birthright of our abundance cannot fail to come through.

The beatitude The meek shall inherit the earth, translates in Aramaic, the language of Christ, to Those in Harmony will inherit the earth. Keys and codes scattered like crumbs on the wonderful treasure hunt of life!

When we are in perfect Harmony, balanced between the left brain and the right, having only good thoughts, or ‘no thought’, connected to the Unified Field via our own Beloved Mighty I Am Presence and connected to Mama Earth from whom all earthly physical manifestation must come—whatever true desire flows from our heart and mind empowered by will, passion and love must manifest.

Gratitude oils the wheels.

Our decree is simply I AM HARMONY! This becomes an inner mantra, a love bomb of the highest order that literally alters the song of our cells from discordant and out of tune to sonorous and melodic. Gradually it replaces all negative mind chatter.

Discipline is required! Whenever you catch yourself misqualifying the Words of Power STOP!!!! You have now begun to consciously activate your inner super power and if you misuse this power it will be much stronger than before you start this process. How many times a day do we misqualify the words of power? I AM broke. I AM too fat. I AM tired. I AM always ill. The antidote for weakness is I AM STRONG. If you don’t feel good about your body, I AM FIT, STRONG AND HEALTHY! Stop the negative mind chatter, say the decree and your will and intention will shift. You’ll walk instead of drive. You’ll eat an apple instead of ice cream. Slowly you build yourself anew.

The antidote for weakness is I AM STRONG. If you don’t feel good about your body, I AM FIT, STRONG AND HEALTHY! Stop the negative mind chatter, say the decree and your will and intention will shift. You’ll walk instead of drive. You’ll eat an apple instead of ice cream. Slowly you build yourself anew.

Science in the last century stated that matter was fluid and moved between solidity and a wave. Further scientific research has revealed what the mystics always knew, nothing is solid. What appears to be solid is condensed Light/ Energy. Everything is Light! Everything is Energy. We are the Unified Field! Only our perception has separated us! If we misuse our power, we will be choosing to suffer!

If you have a lot of bad mental habits, please use the Violet Flame. I introduced the Violet Flame a few posts ago and will write a full post on it. The Violet Flame is the alchemical ray, the flame that does not burn but transmutes all that it touches into itself. Love. It is the Infinite Mercy of Divine Love. It’s a very real thing and can be seen around those who use it. As the ascended masters say, Earn your cloak of violet fire! Say I AM A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE, I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES. This will start to clean all the dust off your misqualified electrons so you don’t have to experience the manifestation of your wrong footed thoughts and feelings. Please substitute Goddess/ Universe/ ALL THAT IS/Unified Field for God, or whatever feels right for you.

I had terrible mental habits when I started this. I had an extreme childhood. Abuse in every form. (Magical things happened, too, but we are hard wired–literally through our nervous system, to recall the bad). I was grumpy, self-pitying and blamey. I had to learn the hard way. In fact, I was plagued by thoughts, sometimes suicidal, repetitive thoughts of self-punishment and self-torture that I had done something wrong (which I called retormort…retroactive mortification). It didn’t happen overnight but I am now clear of all negative thought. If a negative thought or emotion comes I know how to handle it. I’ll use the Violet Flame or Ho’opononopono (mentioned in an earlier post but will write on it more soon, an amazing tool). Don’t get me wrong, I can still have my buttons pushed, but I come to balance quickly and look at the lesson. Why have I drawn this to me? How can I heal it? I have righteous anger for the suffering in the world and writing this is a tiny contribution towards change. I’ll write a post on the power of prayer as well. I don’t allow myself to have negative thoughts or feelings and I am naturally in a state of contentment and Gratitude. I succeeded in changing my inner tape. You can too.

There is a lot of literature teaching us how to manifest what we want. The Secret, Vision Boards, Wish Fulfilment, etc. These are all good. They begin to focus us and practically teach us that our thoughts and emotions profoundly impact our physical reality. But the science of decree whereby you are building your inner castle of infinite abundance by decreeing for qualities is much more powerful. When we are imbued with the highest qualities the perfect manifestation will occur easily. We don’t make ego led mistakes by leading with the head and deciding what we want to externalise. A new car, a new partner, a bigger bank account. We make the heart sovereign, adjust our qualities and what manifests will be for our highest good and the highest good of all. But let the flood come! The more we have the more we can be a benefit to ourselves and others.

What other qualities would you like more of in your life? Abundance? I AM GOD’S INFINITE ABUNDANCE! Over and over. To yourself in the mirror. While you’re in the shower. Walking. In the East this is called Nama Japa, the practice of replacing your inner tape with God vibration. For abundance, which may not or may not come as money, but what you truly need appearing in surprising ways, it is important to add Gratitude. If we are grateful for what we have it expands. For me Gratitude is the Law of Grace. It really works for everything, so apply liberally! Also, tithing. Tithing is a miracle. It is the foundation of the universal law of abundance. Give to get. Give 10% away. If you only have a dime, give a penny. If you have loads, give more.


I saw Kirlian photos once (named after the Russian scientist who invented the camera sensitive to the electro magnetic field of life) of three plates of food. The first one had nothing said over it, it had a centimetre of life force. The second, a prayer of Grace and Gratitude had been said over it, it had a three-centimetre aura of life force. The third, a decree for the food had been said over it, (you could say I AM COSMIC LAW & INFINITE GRATITUDE FOR THIS FOOD TO EXPRESS PERFECT NOURISHMENT & PURE LIGHT ENERGY FOR MY BODY). This one had an inch of bright Light emanating from it!

A Kirlian photo of an apple’s energy. The energy field of an organic apple looks like the sun. The energy field of a pesticide laden apple actually looks just like cancer!

So, get started if this appeals. Your atoms await your command. Your electrons have sacrificed their presence in the realms of glory to serve your wish. Your inner genie is your I AM Presence, One with the Unified Field, Love in action, waiting to serve you and your experience in this magnificent university of Earth.

The Will of God is Life. The Law of God is Love.

In the next posts, I’ll tell a story about how my I AM Presence miraculously corrected a skeletal problem in my skull, which leads into the story of when I danced with Beloved Christ in Bali on a deck before the sea; I’ll explain the anatomy of the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and include a visual and coming soon, an explanation of what the Elemental and Angelic kingdoms have to do with manifestation .

Love, Stephanie

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