How Nama Japa Promotes Infinite Health and Well-Being

What is Nama Japa? It is chanting the holy name of God.

In our over stimulated world, few of us can achieve the level of meditation where deep Peace is found, though it must have come easily to the siddhis of old in the silent simpler world they lived in. We are bombarded by discordant music, discordant thoughts, repetitive programming, alarming news, a deluge of external information from the collective and a continual flooding of radio waves and thought waves. If you can turn your radio on and pick up a station, that means those sound waves were already pouring through your house. The electrical components of the radio catch the radio waves sailing through the air and converts them back to sounds your ears can hear.

We are musical beings!

You are a frequency being, a fluid being comprised of 65-75% water and 93% of the mass of our body is star dust. 20th Century scientists discovered that matter moves between a wave and solid form. 21st Century scientists say there is no solid form. What appears to be solid is condensed energy. We are affected by these externalities more than we know!

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1

Replace Word with Sound and we’re getting to a closer understanding of the nature of our reality. All of sound affects us and never before in our history have we had so much sound interference. To be free of this we have two choices. We can live in a desert. They are very pure in this respect. Or we can create a shield of sound power around us by chanting the Holy Name. The technology of this is the higher our frequency the less affected we are by frequencies below it. No judgment, you’ve just decided to play in a different ball park and are done learning the harsher lessons of the lower frequencies.

One instrument out of tune affects the whole orchestra!

Sound deeply affects us. We are of sound mind and body or we are not. I lived next to a diagnosed schizophrenic in California once. He was always climbing through my window (our second-floor flats were connected by a balcony) to pay me unexpected visits. He was a Brainiac who had a vast body of knowledge but was plagued by voices and was on very strong medication and vitamin therapy. I came to believe he was hearing higher frequency voices or even interpreting lower frequency sound waves. What he came up with was often incredible and if he had spiritualized his physical vehicle through a practice of prayer, meditation or Nama Japa to enable him to hold the electric fire of the higher frequencies, I felt he would have been considered a seer or great teacher. So thin is the line!

The malaise of the 20th century that inspired the existential crisis that philosopher Albert Camus wrote about in The Stranger and Jean Paul Sartre wrote about in Being and Nothingness has been replaced by the free-floating paranoia and anxiety of the 21st. Mine was the first generation that lived in an era where a bomb could destroy the earth. Now that sort of threat fills the papers daily along with ‘one minute to midnight’ alarm bells regarding the health of our planet.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. Albert Camus

For me, I see it a bit differently. If I become absolutely free, my very existence is an act of Peace that will affect all those around me. In Dr. David Hawkins’ chart of human consciousness, he states: An individual vibrating at the frequency of 700-1000 counterbalances the negativity of 70,000,000 individuals below the level of 200. This is the level of the Sages. The Self is seen as God Manifest. Like a tuning fork, our frequency entrains the frequencies around us and all our own internal celestial spheres of cells and atoms. So, we can be entrained or we can entrain.

I don’t want you to get too caught up in measurements. I think the out of balance paradigm we live in is beleaguered with a compulsion to measure and compare and it is a ‘left brain’ phenomenon. Coming from the ‘right-brain’ perspective we could just talk about degrees of expansion into unconditional love and non-judgment.

LOVE is devotion in motion. It’s the power behind the endless creativity of evolution and expansion.

When I remember to practice Nama Japa continually I find I am having unexpected bouts of transcendent Joy and a feeling of myself as an eternal being engaged in the Maya of divine play and it’s all OK. The play of light and shadow is just part of the Earth curriculum. I find I am much more solution oriented and accepting. When I stop Nama Japa, a little tiredness or some complexity to deal with can place me back in old patterns. If we raise our frequency we are connected to our best guidance, we act without karma and we create beneficial circumstances for ourselves and our world.

Here are some of the Nama Japas I use.

OM NAMA SHIVAYA Recommended by the Immortal Babaji in his last known incarnation as Bhole Baba as the best Nama Japa, it means I bow down to Shiva, the Supreme Reality, the God within, the undivided Self, your TRUE SELF, Consciousness. Bliss. There are some beautiful you tube version and you can play these to change your mind set. I’ll post my favorite below. It’s great for house clearing as well. However, chanting yourself is the most powerful!

I AM A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE. I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES. This calls the alchemical ray of the Violet Flame to dissolve cause, core, record, effect, and memory of anything that separates us from our transcendent freedom, our TRUE SELF. The Violet Flame is also called the Flame of God’s Infinite Mercy.

 OM CHRIST I love this one. OM is the Primordial Sound. Christ is the manifest child, the first light, which we all are. The most well-known emissary of the Christ, Jesus, is my Home Boy and I love Him to bits. But we are all Christs. We have just forgotten.

I AM THAT I AM  Of course, this one is incredibly powerful! Read here for why. Beloved Mighty I AM Presence

Keeping your instrument in tune.

When chanting, there are different benefits for different layers of your bodies. You have at least 8 surrounding you. The ones you are transforming are mental, emotional, physical and etheric (soul). It’s good to vary silent with whispering and stating out loud. When you chant out loud you stimulate your visionary gland, the pineal gland which is just above the palate.

 Love to you all,


The Metaphysical Muse

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