We stand on the precipice of intense world chaos and the largest quantum leap humanity has yet faced. Is it time to heal internal divisiveness as we attempt to heal external divisiveness? Despite signs to the contrary, I believe we are moving from a mechanistic objective worldview into quantum subjective unity consciousness. Is it time to integrate all parts of ourselves? Is it time to welcome the ego home?

Freud divided us into Id, Ego and Super Ego. Jung felt the ego was the central complex in the field of consciousness that rested upon the Self, a synthesis of the personal and collective. Nietzsche, who influenced Freud and Jung, felt the ego was a pragmatic fiction ‘necessary to carry out the operations of reason’.

Eastern mystical thought divides us into the egoic ‘small self’ and the undivided Self.  Sai Baba said, Man minus ego equals God. A Course in Miracles states, The ego is insane. In fear, it stands beyond the Everywhere, apart from All, in separation from the Infinite. 

Is our ego the insane, fearful ruler of our psyches? The ideologue? The persecutor? Is it truly the master of our function of reasoning? Our purpose? Identity?

Black Horse, 4′ x 4′ by Stephanie Sinclaire

The quantum theoretical view of the universe as fluid and multidimensional is replacing the Newtonian mechanistic empirical view. This is affecting all branches of thought.

It is inevitable we must take a more quantum view of our psyches. How would these great psychological and spiritual philosophers perceive the ego in the Quantum Era? Are these divisions still useful?

The 20th century psychological and spiritual models both see the ego as central to identity.

The spiritual model perceives the ego as a barrier to unity consciousness, where true innate wisdom may be accessed. The psychological model sees it as integral to functioning, conflating individuation, time and memory. The organiser of thoughts and the collector of knowledge.

Paramhansa Yogananda said, Thoughts are universally, not individually, rooted. Like Jung’s Collective Unconscious, he felt thoughts and impulses could exist independently to us. They are universally available, unique to each level of consciousness. The ego is the collection of thoughts, memories and ideas that create individuation. If these thoughts exist independently and are accessed according to our expansion and awareness, can the ego really signify identity?

When my daughter was twelve I took her to Bali where we had incredible experiences and witnessed miracles. Our hosts were Made Surya and his American wife Judy Slattum.

Made and Judy today, still organising amazing trips!

Made’s father was a holy man who ate an avocado for breakfast every day. When the rats took over his crops he went into a deep meditation and summoned the Rat King, the deva of that colony of rats. He offered them one strip of his land and they duly moved there and the plague was contained with non-violent means.

Made is also very spiritual, in fact, all the Balinese are. He is an expert in Balinese healers, who are all pretty amazing. Theirs is a unique religion based on a blend of Hinduism and Buddhism.

The radiant form of Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, is seen everywhere.

Made believed the ego was a black stallion.

If we controlled it and rode it, it could carry us to victory in our lives. If we let it get out of control we would land in a ditch. I love this description. The painting above was my attempt to illustrate the ego’s reaction to the sacred fire, the ground of being, the unlimited Self. The ego feels if we merge into unity consciousness it will die. This is the prime reason people on a spiritual path can fall away so abruptly. It feels sometimes like the ego will kill us to keep us safe. Just stay on that coach! Everything will be all right! No risks, please. And whatever you do, don’t fly!

My daughter Katherine with a Balian, a Balinese healer.

So, what exactly is the ego?  It is the analytical brain that collates, connects, builds and organises, but unless it is subservient to the intuitive inspirational aspect of the mind, it will interfere with connection and expansion.

Ideally, we receive inspiration and then the ego formulates the way to manifest it.

That’s the right relationship. When intuition and inspiration are blocked, the ego goes on formulating, replicating meaningless architectures of thought which become meaningless things. Hello, world.

It is not the barrier to truth that must be banished, playing out our old games of rejection and abandonment. And it isn’t our true identity. It is our noble steed, when healed and whole. But so often it isn’t. The unhealed ego is the amalgamation of the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, the lost children of our psyches who are easily triggered, rocking our boats and spewing lava on innocent passersby.

There is a great Native American saying, Our greatest strength will be found in the healing of our deepest wound.

When the ego is out of control it signifies this wound. But few of us have the tools to genuinely heal. We conform to the tyranny of status quo, frozen into stone statues of our true selves, but triggered red hot if our wound is threatened in any way. Not yet strong enough to stand in our strength we denigrate anyone who is different because we perceive it as a threat to who we are. In fact, it is a threat only to our wound, which prevents us from being wholly present to embrace, honour, respect and love the ways of others without feeling we will lose ourselves and we must, therefore, reject others and push them away.

In my own efforts to unify and integrate and merge with the whole, moving between what I feel to be the sea of God and my own individual wave, I have noticed some big perceptual shifts.

Firstly, I see the folly of my years of attempting to expand into an ascended version of myself. I AM already that! We are already every iteration of ourselves we would ever hope to become. What is required is simply a shift in perspective to access a quantum shift in dimensions, and an almighty dollop of discipline (that stallion). I AM also much happier than I ever was before to surrender to the mystery. There is a knowing beyond words that cannot be contained in knowledge. Are you ready for quantum leaping? Read here.

If you went in search of it, you would not find the boundaries of the soul [psyche], though you travelled every road – so deep is its measure [logos].

~ Heraclitus

I have found in the last year my entire layer of self-criticism is gone. What we would formerly call the machinations of our overzealous egos. The inner ‘frenemy’ that when we eff up comes with the whip to make it one hundred times worse. Anybody else also know that pesky critter? I gradually learned to just hug those parts of myself I might have previously worked to banish. It’s been a long time coming. In my book, God’s Theory of Creativity, I was first guided to examine these lost children of my psyche with love and give them a voice. 23 years later there are finally welcome guests at my dinner table with jewels to share. Compassion finally becomes the most important thing.

How can the human being know itself? It is a thing dark and veiled; and if the hare has seven skins, the human can slough off seventy times seven and still not be able to say, ‘Now that is what you really are, that is no longer outer shell.’ (Untimely Meditations III)

~ Friedric Nietzsche

But I’m in no hurry. I’m in the one step at a time game. Slow progress builds a mighty foundation. I believe in the alchemy of creativity. What we create is the true signifier of both our individuation and our connection to the whole. I know we already are all the variations of ourselves we would ever aspire to be. Slowly but surely as we integrate, we can access those iterations at will.  Eventually, they will all merge and the long journey to the birth of the Adam Kadmon will be realised. But that’s a story for another day.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

~ Matthew 7 KJV

Katherine, Made Surya and Owl in Bali

Love, Stephanie  The Metaphysical Muse

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