In The Beginning

This blog is devoted to sharing the methods I have learned and developed over 50 years as I turned the lead of my life to gold of infinite potential through sharing the stories of my life, some as I live them. I have experienced a lot and healed myself of most of it, though there are some lingerers. This year I am going to pull all my knowledge together about healing through creativity and the tools for manifesting the deepest, fullest expression of life. I am taking my place in the symphony of our shared lives to give my piece of the puzzle. Creating a new reality can take as little or as long as we choose. The journey is the poetry of our life and the transformation is the divine alchemy.

In the mid 1990s, having tried almost every modality to heal my heart and mind and body, I began to receive messages from Spirit which led to the creation of a method of healing and manifestation that can be used with children and adults. In the last 20 years I have worked in schools and with individuals, with children with challenges and those with just the challenges of daily life, with scientists and artists and suicidal adults, small groups and large groups and all ages–with excellent results, applying these methods that I first used to heal myself.

The methods easily glide from healing to creative manifestation as both are alchemy, the transforming of energy states. The quantum scientists are helping us understand what the mystics always knew. We live in a subjective fluid field of energy greatly effected by our will and intention. It is understood that the field is conscious, perhaps consciousness itself. I believe when it is proven the key note of the Unified Field is love, the missing quantum link will explode our world. Consciousness is omniscient and sentient. Sentience is the ability to feel, perceive and experience subjectively. There is continual communication between all aspects and manifestations of life if we tune in. The switch is love. There are many kinds of love, we are only aware of a few. This greater love can simplistically  be compared to the sun, unceasingly pouring its life giving electrons without judgement over all . It is up to us how we use these precious electrons and those we are allotted fly from us into form with our signature and return to us again. If they are shrouded we will outpicture the lesson we need to learn. If they have been qualified with love they will bring more love back and expand our Field of Love.

I have done this work, the healing and manifestation through creative expression, as my service. My main focus, my ‘day job’ has been creativity in all its forms and I have revelled in art. My personal journey has been towards authentic expression–challenging in a world that expects artists to be fixed and branded. I have been a painter, a writer, a poet, a dancer, a film maker and theatre practitioner, a curator of large themed art exhibitions, a gallerist and an event coordinator. I’ve run a London theatre and pub and been a teacher of healing through creative expression. I call myself an Inspiritrix. In the alchemy of life whereby everything is effecting everything else continually, our energy state and can effect others for better or worse, my goal has been to create work that reflects life and aspires to be transcendent, inspiring to others. My life is a work in progress, like yours is. I have learned to detach from outcome and enjoy the journey. Nothing is ever entirely what it seems!

My childhood was good and bad. Full of spontaneous travel–and severe violence, dreams and visions, and sexual abuse. Plenty to heal from–but many blessings as well! My life has been ‘crowded with incident’ as Lady Bracknell says in The Importance of Being Earnest. I am beginning a three year big leap experiment in manifestation and I feel like saying Hello World! Thanks for being part of my journey and taking the time to read my blog.