To Know To Dare To Be Silent & To Do

This is the Master’s code.

TO KNOW. This is different than knowledge. To know is wisdom apprehended from the deepest highest place. To move from knowledge to knowing in a ‘right brained’ society is a challenge. When I began to understand there was a difference I would take days here and there where I would allow myself to hear and follow the still soft voice within. I learned the voice of the ego speaks much more loudly and the soft voice of ‘knowing’ dissipates if ignored and builds if followed. When we know something it is a heart/mind sureness that is aided by knowledge but springs from a deeper well.

TO DARE. It is clear we live in a thought Matrix. We are willing prisoners in a thought game that severely curtails the powers of our minds. The entire culture conspires to create the illusion of our limitation and we are willing players on this stage. When one of us dares to leap into the unknown, to follow their heart against the flow of the status quo, feathers ruffle everywhere. Like mares herding an out of line horse or gatekeepers turning the key in the lock, barriers are thrown up. How dare we? Who do we think we are? How dare we be fully alive following our own unique essence and reminding everyone who isn’t they are not!

TO BE SILENT. We often dissipate the core dream of our manifestation by talking too much about it, leaking the power of our intention before it has time to coalesce into a significant enough energy ball to wheel its way through space gathering the requisite atoms necessary to become form. We also draw recrimination early on when our own doubt may damage the thought bubble of our dream. Stay quiet, fuel your dream with intense focus and imagination and don’t share it until the time is right. If you are working in prayer, decreeing into the Unified Field for the highest good of all it may be that you never reveal it. It is between you and God.

TO DO. To do is to move forward with the fully activated Will. Focussed, concentrated, free of distraction, passion and love engaged to fuel your dream. Decree and know that what you plan is for your highest good and for the highest good of all, one cannot be true without the other. And then take action.

When we all learn to manifest we will no longer be able to be controlled and a new level of freedom, collaboration and fearlessness will emerge as we discover our limitless potential.