Creating Your Life Through Sound – Part One

How does sound relate to manifestation?

 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. What is the Word and how is the Word God?

The Word is sound and sound is vibration and vibration is frequency and frequency is energy and energy is Light and Light holds the blueprint for manifestation. Imagine a vast Unified Field whose inherent nature is to expand, experience and create and is all sentient and everywhere at once.  That is what we are part of. You could say Light is visible energy and Sound is audible energy. Sound, Light, Vibration and Frequency are inter-related and united. These are the creative forces we can begin to understand and work with.

The frequency of a thing is the signature of its etheric blueprint. Studies have been created whereby the frequency of a star constellation is played beneath a glass covered with sand. In a matter of time, the sand will begin to form the shape of the constellation. The Om symbol which expresses the primordial sound OM or AUM is a signature of its frequency. Likewise, you could play a chant of AUM beneath a sand covered glass and eventually you would create that symbol.

The science of this is called Cymatics. You see where I am heading? Understanding this will change your life, so please bear with me. Your ‘song’, the vibration of your consciousness, affects the creation of your health, your abundance and your world.

We are frequency beings. Our well being is measured by our vibrational frequency. We are ‘of sound mind and body’. We are ‘out of tune’. We are ‘in tune with a message’. The message is ‘clear as a bell.’ Our goal is to play our instrument well, sing our song straight from the heart and take our place in the symphony of life. When we intend this together we can co-create heaven on earth. When we truly understand how to manifest from a place of love there will be no more hoarding, greed, poverty and with that, there will be little reason to fight and struggle. Arms can be laid down at last.

Music is one of the most powerful tools for transformation. The greatest composers have understood this. Music has been used to assist cognition, to help stroke patients and to raise people into higher states of consciousness. This is the science of applied frequency. Many of us understand this intuitively.

Frequency is measured by the number of waves or cycles that a sound makes in a second. We use Hertz (Hz) to measure cycles per second. Another word for frequency is a pitch. We are walking tuning forks that entrain our surroundings to our frequency.

Dead is no frequency. The high vibrating spirit has left the building. Nature and self-realized masters are very high frequency. We are somewhere in between and can one day be radiant, transcendent and high frequency and the next, down and depressed and low frequency. Learning how to control our thoughts and be consistent is mastery and will result in mastery of manifestation, the creation of our life and world. Often before control of thoughts must come clearing of emotional trauma and I will have some systems that can help with that. See it all as a glorious treasure hunt to our essence, union and truth. From that place inevitably comes a sense of joy that is not variable and underlies moments of happiness or sadness. Beneath all our thoughts, our moods, our shifting vibration is the spark of eternal and infinite Oneness whose keynote is Love. The Word! The great vibration of pure resonant Life. The more we dip into that well the more our frequency shifts and we draw to us the goodness of life.

We can see in the studies of professor Emoto (I’ll add a link below) the effect of thought on water molecules. If we are 70% water how are our thoughts affecting us? This is a concrete way to look at the effect of thoughts on manifestation, the creation of our selves, our lives and our world. If we think thoughts about another they will also be affected. Their molecules will shape shift when the frequency of your thought reaches them. In the Unified Field of energy and consciousness, there is no time and thoughts travel instantly and find their mark. Our thoughts have energy. Energy is a container for consciousness.

It sounds like magic but it is science. Magic is always within Natural Law and when you begin to understand and break down its components we see the whys and wherefores. As Einstein said, We can look at everything as a miracle or nothing as a miracle. Let’s chose the former and use our keen minds to figure it all out but reserve some of the mystery as well.

The ancient wisdom teaches us Decree a thing and it will be given unto us. There is a science to decree and it has to do with the power of sound. When we decree from the core of our being with clear hearts and minds we can quickly manifest. This is what is meant by Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

We are creating dark magic with karmic consequences when we think badly of another. If we do this with vehemence and force we can affect them profoundly. Our thoughts become poison tipped arrows of powerful decree. If we think well and loving thoughts the opposite is true.


I began to explore the science of decree in earlier posts. If this interests you please read I AM THAT I AM? and Understanding the I Am Pronouncements of Christ as this will be a topic I will return to and those posts are foundational. Decree and manifestation are closely aligned. In Part Two I will teach you the science of decree.

So, to sum up for now, be careful with your words, every word creates. Be careful with your thoughts, your thoughts create. Your very being creates. Play music that enhances your life.  If you want to understand where your vibration is, look at your present life. This is what has been out-pictured from your frequency into being.

The Flower of Life, the sacred geometric representation of the sound frequency that is the building block of form.

Here’s a short video about Professor Emoto’s experiments on the intent behind words affecting water molecules. It is well worth studying his work.

Here’s a great one. Sonic Magic: The Wonder of Science and Sound

Please have a look at some of the many videos online exploring Cymatics, the science of visible sound.

The ancient mystical mandalas were actually visual cymatic representations of states of consciousness the deeply meditating masters had apprehended from the Unified Field. Meditating on these mandalas can reverse engineer you back to the state of consciousness!


Love, Stephanie

(c) The Metaphysical Muse