How My Child Was Born Through Another Woman

To set the stage: I was invited to a Global Gathering in Iowa and set off to attend with my beloved daughter Katherine, who was 13 years old. She had accompanied me to many sacred gatherings where she was a light-hearted delight weaving in and out of ceremony and freely expressing herself, dancing, giggling and singing–ensuring no one took themselves too seriously. An American woman had been receiving visits from her late grandmother, Mother Mary and White Buffalo Calf Woman, an aspect of the Divine Feminine for the Native Americans, and had been guided by the trio to call this gathering together.

There was an incredible collection of people from all over the world including a representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many elders from the Native American community including the grandson of Great Grandfather Black Elk. A large congregation had gathered including two Norwegian filmmakers, who had come to discredit it. The sweat lodge on the second night when Black Elk’s sacred pipe spoke in whistling words giving warnings to ‘little brother’ about the desecration of the land while clearly visible spirit animals roamed the tent changed their minds and shelved their plan. They wandered wide-eyed through the following days of Moon Lodges and Sweat Lodges and an eight-hour sacred ceremony where a woman electrified with Spirit washed the feet of over 60 people and prophesied over each of us, reminding us of our unique paths walked over lifetimes.

Katherine and I had brought a beautiful large amethyst as a gift to the organizer that had sat on my coffee table for years. When we gave it to her it had somehow filled with flecks of gold! Many special things happened. Here is where we met Heather, a very lovely woman who we spent some time in the large log built meeting house tucked away deep in a beautiful wood.

Sometime later, back in London with my Swedish friend Christina, I had an explosive spiritual awakening. The veil dropped and communication with all realms became possible, well unavoidable, really. Like two spiritual scientists, or metaphysicians I guess you could say, we asked every question we had long wished an answer for to the great cosmic beings who crowded around to impart their wisdom. It was clear they were here for everyone of us, we had just somehow turned the dial of our spiritual radio to the right channel. Or perhaps we’d had the requisite amount of longing! In fact, we were in communication with all beings, elemental, angelic, plant, mineral, ascended and cosmic and our second sight was fully activated. Everything is alive and has personality and delights in being acknowledged and appreciated. Every living thing has its own wisdom to impart. Christina had already had many of these gifts but had been afraid of them.

It was a transcendent summer, London was blooming roses and lavender and we were on a magic carpet ride, soaring through the magical landscapes of the inner realms and seeing the world as if for the first time. I had just directed my first play, Dear Brutus by my beloved JM Barrie. What’s more, my husband and I were talking about having another child. We spent that summer thinking of names. I could feel the child’s Spirit near me and many friends thought I was already pregnant. I was glowing. I received many messages from the child, including advice to drink the water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. The beautiful Chalice Well flows without ceasing and is deep red due to the high iron content. It later transpired I was low in iron. At the end of that summer, Dan decided it wasn’t the right time to have the child due to lack of available time and finance. If it were up to men, no doubt there would be a cessation of the human race. I bade the child goodbye through a veil of tears and felt its Spirit fade from me.

One day I was communicating with the beloved being known as Kwan Yin, who is the Mother Mary of the East and loved as the goddess of mercy, a guardian of mothers and children who also sat on the Karmic Board. In her last life on Earth, she was a master of Kung Fu and lived an extremely long time. We ascend into our electronic body, shedding the mortal atomic coil when we have completed the Earth curriculum, becoming masters. The next curriculum for many ascended masters is to help us on Earth to also ascend. There are endless dimensional iterations on finer and finer levels of what we call reality. That day I fell into doubt that it was really she who I was communicating with. Was I talking to myself? I asked her to tell me something I couldn’t possibly know.

She said: The child you were going to give birth to was now going to be born from Heather.

OK. That was a shockeroo of a message. I hadn’t been in touch with Heather since the gathering. A week later I received a phone call from her! She was living in the Yucatan swimming with dolphins. She was pregnant. Both her parents were dead. Would I be the guardian of her child if anything ever happened to her? Phew. Of course, I said yes but didn’t say anything about the message. It was too odd. About a month later Heather called again. She had bought a book called  Communing with the Spirit of Your Unborn Child and the method was working. Heather said her child had told her that I was also her mother and my Katherine was her sister! She also told Heather she wanted to be born in London and to check with her friend Stephanie to confirm the validity of the communication! I told Heather about the message I’d received and Katherine and I made plans to go see her in the Yucatan. We made it there and had soon joined her living on the beach, sleeping under the stars in a hammock.

We brought Heather back with us to London. There she made many new friends. Being very outgoing and creative and quite an exceptional character, she wrote a musical one woman show called The Lovers and presented it at St. James, Piccadilly, and the Kings Head Theatre! We touched base once in a while. She now had a strong group of women she had become close to who would be her birth circle. I was looking forward to meeting the baby.

One night, quite late, I received an urgent call from Heather. She was in advanced labor at Guy’s Hospital and none of her birth circle were available. Could I please come! In a short time I was beside her at the hospital. There was Heather in all her glory, very tall, very pregnant, flowing waist length hair emitting looong loud sonic tones with each contraction that echoed down the hallways. It was like coming upon a sea goddess calling forth Neptune in the middle of an overly lit sterile waiting room. She asked me to place my hands on either side of her tummy and not move them, which I did. Then she wanted to get to the birthing pool. The hospital was all hustle and bustle and the busy Nigerian midwives left us to it. I wove Heather through the halls to the pool. Heather was now very close to giving birth. A midwife popped her head in and told me to place my hand on the child’s head as it crowned. Which I did! What a miracle. Out she came into the water as blue as a dolphin and then as red as a beet and then sweet as a peach on her mother’s breast. Amelia Rachel Noël was born.

My Goddaughter Amelia Rachel Noël

Heather has been an incredible mother to her, homeschooling Amelia and teaching her the keys and codes of manifestation from such an early age they are an intrinsic part of her. She has no sense of limitation whatsoever and has learned to manifest what she wants to create in her life with appreciation and gratitude.

Amelia and Bodhi

She’s always had a horse and they’ve traveled a lot, living in exotic places, settling in the American West. She is a beautiful soul, a very dear human being and she is my Goddaughter. I finally got to meet her when she was visiting Maui at the same time I was. We, my daughter and granddaughter Arielle, immediately bonded with her. Family comes in extraordinary ways. As well as my own family, I am blessed with some amazing soul sisters who share love and time and guidance and even sometimes wombs, and this lovely Goddaughter, Amelia.

One of Amelia’s earliest memories was swimming with dolphins and she could recall their names, even though she’d been in the womb when Heather was swimming with them. Writing this article I recalled that Heather had given my young daughter a special gift at the Global Gathering, a mysterious premonition of her Spirit sister to come. It was a necklace of a child astride a dolphin.

Heather has written an action adventure for young adults called The Game: Nothing Is As It Seems, and is making the first-ever interactive audio book. For more about her, please check out:

Heather and Amelia

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