~ a memoir of radical awakening and divine intervention~


Praise for the book:

I have just finished reading God’s Theory of Creativity.  It is one of the most riveting books I have ever read.  I am sharing its wisdom with friends and family all over the place.  (I have already ordered another copy for a friend in New York.)  It’s a book whose time has surely come.  My only question is, when is the next instalment coming out? 

Cindy Laberge ~ Lawyer

5 Star Amazon review
GOD’S THEORY OF CREATIVITY charts a radical awakening. It records rare mystical, transpersonal experiences as they are happening without the distance of memory and unflinching dives deep into the shadow world of the unconscious bringing up jewels from the mire. Part memoir–a raw and truthful retelling of an extreme childhood and its effects, part metaphysical odyssey & part unflinchingly honest healing journey, it offers rare glimpses of our glory and a moving, lyrical account of our humanity.

Dr Rebecca Vlasic ~ Psychologist

Compelling, powerful and moving.
Bred Fitzpatrick, Author, Great Grandfather, Spirit

The Book of Revelations kept repeating in my subconscious. Anyone wanting to explore the world of a truly creative mind should read this book. 

Monica Lissak, Playwright and Filmmaker

Her book gave me the same feeling as Crossing To Avalon. You cannot put it down.

Jeanette Baxter, Global Multilingual Communications

Reporting back from fantastic, dangerous and experimental territories with poetic elegance and pragmatism Sinclaire permits us to enter a most private and sacred zone of human experience … a fearless companion on the journey to awareness.

 Anne Hemenway, Director and Co-founder of the Doc Humes Institute, vision tank and publishers

I am in awe of the intensity and energy that surrounds every description, engulfed and taken into my own world.

Solandra Goodwin, Artist and Teacher

I no longer have to pinch myself to see if I am awake. I know now I am. 

Chris Staines, Composer and Music Producer

5 Star Amazon Review
Stephanie Sinclaire’s God’s Theory of Creativity is a vast and beautiful work. Richly illustrated with her own paintings depicting a prolonged mystical encounter, Sinclaire traverses realms I have only ever seen one other have the courage to do – and even then, only publish after his death. Permit me to explain. God’s Theory of Creativity and Carl Jung’s Liber Novus or Red Book are, for me, companion volumes – two extraordinary ventures into realm of the Spirit and Soul, accompanied by avatars of the Divine.

How was this extraordinary account of the dialogues and teachings on creativity and consciousness made available to both? I will explain with what I have come to know about Jung. At 38, he could no longer believe in or follow the psychoanalytic principles of his former mentor Sigmund Freud. He set out on his own path, determined – like Sinclaire – to discover his own truth. He didn’t believe human beings were simply a set of infantile complexes that reduce us to our basest instincts. Instead, Carl Jung believed in humanity’s highest potential, and, even more so, once the shadow and the light within us are consciously integrated, that our true individuated self – what some would call our Higher or Divine Self – would both guide and shine through us. He once said, when asked if he believed in God, “I don’t believe, I know.” Sinclaire’s, title and her whole journey into this realm, proclaims this same truth.

When Jung split with Freud, he let himself fall into what psychiatrists would now call a psychotic state. Each night he allowed visions, to enter into his consciousness. He was accompanied by a wise guide called Philemon, encountering with angels, demons… and all the archetypes of the personal and collective unconscious. Each morning, as he integrated the light and the dark of his experience, he would enter normal life – the consulting room and his family duties. As he experienced these visions, so did he write and paint. His Red Book is the record of that journey beyond normal waking consciousness. He himself acknowledged that his life’s work was really to unlock and understand what he recorded at that time.

So, too, with Sinclaire’s book. Not her theory of Creativity, but God’s. To read and be immersed in this journey to the heart of the numinous encounter, infinitely aware and creative, is to feel what few among us know – an intimate connection with the Divine. I believe that, like Jung, Sinclaire’s life work has been to embody this ‘theory’ as her lived offering, in loving service to others. I am forever grateful to have read such a sacred and intimate testimony. In its pages you can touch God’s robes, images and words taking you straight to the Source.

Stefania Pietkiewicz ~ True Story & Nine Gems Founder

5 Star Amazon Review

This book is an intense, ethereal yet almost perilous journey into the creative experience.
It is both nearly spiritually exclusive and still fascinatingly human.
A fantastic journey for anyone searching their soul, contemplating their existence and most importantly, coming to terms and trying to understand their own artistry and creative being.
It is lovingly accompanied by stunning artwork that in themselves inspire.

Natasha Ragdale ~ Journalist