Hall of Mirrors

Life is a hall of mirrors. There is that sobering moment on your journey where you have to figure out why there is a repetitive pattern of s**t flying your way. It starts with the mirror game. Whatever someone is doing to you, you are doing to yourself. Whatever life is doing to you, you are doing to you.

That probably sounds a little glib but truth can be mightily simple. You’ve probably heard the old saw ‘the sins of the father are revisited on the following generations’. We now know that memes can be held in the DNA, we can inherit fears physically as well as emotionally and mentally. Everything is in relationship to everything else and is affected by it. But we have to be accountable and when the juggernaut with our baggage shows up we’re the ones that need to unpack it. One of the best ways is the mirror game.

You are writing the script of your life

If everyone is angry around you and you are a quiet, kind mouse of a girl, you can be sure you have a lot of anger inside of you that is very suppressed. It’s taking all your power and energy to keep that anger suppressed. But we won’t get away with it cuz the mirror will always show us what’s going on.

Rita Hayworth in the endless mirror scene in the film The Lady of Shanghai

Or, we are big givers and quietly seethe with resentment that we are underappreciated, no one gives back. How good are you at receiving? Not too good. How do you treat yourself?  Not too well.

You’ll know you’ve unraveled your stuff when the world starts to be very nice to you and abundance and helpful people flow easily and relationships start being fun. But you can’t unravel your stuff until you know what it’s packaged in and the mirror game is a great way to start.

The messenger pigeon of Life

Sometimes, though, life is just giving you a message. Relationships and situations can come to a natural end. It may feel painful but with discernment, we can recognize that this is not a reflection of an inner state needing our attention, it’s just time to move on. The great adventure of life beckons.

Oh, to be free as a bird and have the courage to always act on those nudges. There are so many levels at play and it’s not easy. It’s always finding the balance.

I stayed running my late husband’s pub and theatre way too long in London and when I had completely subsumed my life into another person’s mission, who was in fact no longer here–at least physically–but that’s another story, I started to get almighty pushes from everything around me. Problems sprung up like weeds and one was barely solved before another sprouted. I finally got the message and let go. And another journey began.

Love, Stephanie

The Metaphysical Muse

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