An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude brings Grace. It magnifies what you focus it on. Probably the number one tool in creating the life you want. In the mid-80s I was a bit of a miserable cuss. Life had blessed me in many way, I had a beautiful daughter from a marriage to one of my best child hood friends and my second marriage was a force of nature with all the ups and downs and beauty that implies. I just wasn’t getting it right and though I had been to therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, rebirthers, acupuncturists, cranial osteopaths, all which gave me one piece of the puzzle, but there were many pieces missing.

I still felt I was damaged goods. I still didn’t understand the violence I had experienced as a child. I still felt unlovable and unworthy. It was hard wired into my brain stem. And of course we are destined to re-create our experiences until they are healed.

Somewhere I read about gratitude and decided to do the old bluff it ’til you make it. It sounds hypocritical but it did work. Every day I played the gratitude game and gave thanks for every thing in my life, good and bad. Gradually a shift came over me.

For one thing, you can’t help but start to feel abundance. If you are saying thank you 100s and 100s of times a day there is a point where if you are alive and fed and with a pillow for your head you begin to feel almost an embarrassment of riches. I began to realise how much I had been focussed on the cup half empty¬†instead of half full. Turning that around began to turn my life around.

Recently I read an amazing book called Sons of God by Christine Mercer. Get that book! It tells how gratitude for the most destitute of circumstances uplifted her into a state of amazing Grace, abundance and miraculous events. The tricky thing is being grateful for what seems awful, grateful for all experience and not just parroting it. You have to do it from your heart.

It is a very long time since I had to bluff it. I feel a continual flow of it. Sometimes I’ll get a deepening of gratitude and I’ll send love to all the electrons holding the form of my home, the life force in the food I eat, the substance of the paper I write on, the electro-magnetic field of this computer. The substance of these materials are serving me! ¬†But I still have to remind myself to be grateful for experience when it feels wrong or sad or frustrating.

These homilies may sound like platitudes but there is magic and mystery just beneath the surface.