About Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

Stephanie Sinclaire

Stephanie Sinclaire is the daughter of a humanitarian lawyer and a singer & artist. Her lineage combines Russian, French, Irish, Welsh, English and Austro Hungarian, making her more a citizen of the world than any one place. Her first sister was born a year and 19 days later. Through marriages, she accumulated 8 siblings in total! When she was 2 and a half years old her parents divorced and her mother married again, a singer and bandleader.

No fixed address

The family crisscrossed America in a pink Cadillac with fins and a mattress in the back for the kids. Off to gigs where her stepfather’s band would play. His band sometimes opened for Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Durante, Baby Rose-Marie and others. Life was mercurial. They moved every year at least once. She’s experienced the extremes of riches and poverty. She grew up moving between the chaotic, creative hand to mouth world of her mother and the art-filled status quo world of her father. Both imparted deep pain, great blessings and deep teachings. A melting pot of religions, cultures, and ideas. Both believed in creativity.

Father Howard & Mother Joan, Stephanie & Rebecca known as Taffy & Lulu

Visions and Dreams

She became aware from an early age of the life beyond by way of visions and dreams. Her young life was also peppered with countless chance encounters with clairvoyants who would tell her mysterious things. Friendly folk would spontaneously prophesize in ice cream parlours, on sidewalks, at bus stops. Continual reminders that all is not as it seems. She began exploring world religions and applying metaphysical systems early on.

Despite some pretty crazy stuff and some extreme trials growing up, she has been very blessed. An unseen Force has always taken care of her, allowing her to live life by her own rules for the most part. Growing up, she was always able to access profound bliss states. Perhaps having no fixed address somehow loosened the connection between soul and body. She would lose herself, becoming wholly part of something greater, especially in water or woods.

World wanderer

The crows of early childhood returned to nest in her 20s and that’s when her healing journey began. It was a long time unravelling with many methods and learning. Travels and encounters with wise men, holy women, sinners, and saints. The breakthrough came when she began receiving messages directly from Spirit which imparted modalities that finally healed her over a period of time. She and her sister from the stars, Christina Hagman, began to receive the teachings of the I AM by direct transmission. Stephanie was guided on many adventures making short trips around the world. That journey is memorialized in the memoir God’s Theory Of Creativity, first published as The Shores of Grace. It won The Prism Award and has been distributed to prisons in the US, UK and NZ.

The modality grew into a system of Transformational Creativity she has now facilitated internationally with children and adults, in schools and with adults contemplating suicide at The Stress Project, London. It has proven to be a simple but profoundly effective system for healing suppressed trauma and awakening to inspiration and creativity. It works as well with left brained scientists and businessmen as it does with children.

She’s been lucky to live in great places. Art college in California when it was all light and colour and art and poetry and music and revolutionary awakening. New York when it was still full of artists and the charm of many cultures and cafes. London during a wonderful theatrical Renaissance and she now lives in Wellington, the creative capital of NZ.

Stephanie and Dan

Martyrs and musicals

As a child, she had a strange fear she would be killed if she spoke her truth, killed for being different. Memories and visions would come. Her own or those floating up from the collective. Of being martyred for Christ or dying in the Holocaust of wise women when over a million women were burned as witches, those who see beyond the veil. She has collapsed those fears somewhat but not entirely and has been sharing what she had learned through study and direct perception more and more.

Stephanie and Matthew

Stephanie’s been married twice to two wonderful men, both roller coaster rides. The first to her childhood friend Matthew and then to Dan, who she was married to for 21 years until his death. She’s run a theatre and a pub, The Kings Head Theatre, London, first with Dan and then taking the helm when he died for a further 7 years. What Dan Did After He Died opened her further to the knowledge of other realms.

Stephanie co-founded and ran a gallery and an event venue with her daughter Katherine, Sea Star Studio in Wellington. She’s run two film companies, Dragonfly Films and Sea Star Creations and an art exhibition company, Archangel Exhibitions, in London.

Writing, Directing & Producing

She’s directed, written and produced a feature film, Silence Becomes You a documentary, A Maverick In London and many shorts, including the Academy Award Nominee, The Dance of Shiva with Kenneth Branagh, (co-producer). She’s directed, written and produced for theatre and co-produced over 60 plays and musicals for the Kings Head Theatre. Stephanie’s paintings have been exhibited internationally. She’s curated large themed multi-artist exhibitions in London and Wellington.

Radio interview about the Kings Head Theatre and Sea Star Studio

There have been periods when she’s been bold when her intention and managed to move metaphorical mountains, keeping the Kings Head going against all odds after her husband Dan’s death, proving to herself the metaphysical maxim, Energy follows Intention. Another memorable time, her production of the world stage premiere of Leonard Bernstein’s Peter Pan. It was almost cancelled due to lack of funds and a stellar team gathered to prove that people are what counts. Love became the producer and with an incredible West End team and a cast of 30 it became a smash hit with an unheard of amount of repeat attendances.

Katherine Wyeth as Peter Pan

The veil drops

Stephanie has put down her painter’s brush and walked away from the worlds of theatre and film for a while to write novels and screenplays and spend time with her beloved daughter and granddaughter and grandson, her friends and quantum tribe. No doubt the urge to work on a larger scale will return but only if on her own terms. A new paradigm in filmmaking is needed.

She’s working on a book of the simple but profoundly effective healing and empowerment methods imparted during that magical time in the 90’s. She’s been called upon to facilitate these with people of all ages around the world, most recently in Australia with 65 people of all ages. It’s called LOVE BOMB! and is for everyone but especially young women. A love letter imparting wisdom and techniques in a fun way. What she would have loved to have known at 25! She’s also working on a multi-dimensional action adventure, two screenplays. And a television series with her buddy and colleague David Allen. Enough to stay out of trouble!

Swimming with sea turtles is a recent highlight. Walking to the bottom of her street to see the sea is pretty amazing as well. She loves the sea! And all things mer! (including maids). But most of all hanging out with her family, daughter Katherine, grandchildren Arielle and Corin, her son-in-law Fraser, their golden hound Pan and her fellow grandparent, Matthew who also now lives in NZ.

Katherine with Arielle and newborn Corin