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Creative Alchemy

Creative Alchemy is a system of healing and manifestation which I developed to heal myself from a traumatic childhood. I have been invited to facilitate in NZ, the US, Aus and the UK for the past 25 years to all ages and demographics. Two things distinguish it from the plethora of self-help and manifestation books flooding the market. One, I was an early discoverer of the technology of emotion…

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Creative Alchemy

the science of miracles

Stephanie is an artist, author, filmmaker, theatre director/producer, healer and teacher of inspirational creativity. Seeking answers compelled by an extremely traumatic childhood she travelled the world learning and working with wisdom teachers from Native American, Tibetan, Russian, European, Balinese, Chinese, Ghanese, Peruvian and Mexican traditions and trained in many modalities including Reiki, Rebirthing, Magnified Healing, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Energy Healing, Psychology, Inner Mystery Schools and Trance Dance.

In her 40s despite this training and seeking and with a family and exciting career, the crows came home to roost and a deep cathartic initiation began. A series of experiences were triggered, which are recounted in her memoir of this time, God’s Theory of Creativity–An Odyssey, which can be described as a radical awakening with divine intervention (or a divine awakening with a radical intervention!). She received a modality with which to truly heal herself called first Source Alignment and now Creative Alchemy. The same Source that gifted the system has also led Stephanie and this offering and service to four countries, US, NZ, UK and Aus and to many individuals, retreats and groups from all walks of life ~ from suicidal patients and traumatised children to wisdom walkers and ascending mystics, people in the arts and environment, corporate and science, young entrepreneurs, teachers and students and anyone seeking the healing of emotion, the activating of vision and complete connection to their true Self.

An early discoverer of the technology of emotion, Stephanie developed systems for releasing buried emotion through creativity in advance of neuroscience confirming creativity suppresses the part of the brain that suppresses emotion. Around the time she began developing and facilitating Creative Alchemy MRI studies (brain imaging) were just being launched confirming for the first time that emotions affect the mind and the entire chemistry of the body.

The book has many stories, her own and others and in-depth information to help prepare the reader’s mind and heart for healing and the manifestation of destiny, drawing from neuroscience, metaphysics, cymatics, esoteric wisdom and quantum science as it currently begins to bridge into human potential. The key message is thoughts do not become things without feelings and these feelings must be clear and heightened to empower the manifestation of a dream or new destiny. Thoughts are the architects, feelings are the fuel and the teaching of the Presence, our inner Infinite Source, is the power generator, the necessary electrical spark and the key to transformation, transcendence and empowered embodiment. Creativity is our birthright and defining characteristic and understanding how to apply conscious authentic creativity is a game changer. Alchemy conjures up wizards of old but simply means the transformation of one substance into another, in this case, the transformation of the lead of our being into the radiant gold of a fulfilled life. Conscious Co-Creativity is the next frontier for mankind and how we may yet restore our world to the paradise it could be. In the coming years as AI advances, it will be individuals and companies who can think creatively and collaboratively who will lead the way.

You will learn the technology of emotion, the science of miracles and the art of destiny. To know when the book will be released, please join the mailing list where it will be promoted with a special offer. Creative Alchemy will be published in 2019.

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