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The title came in a dream. God sat me down for a star-filled cuppa and said this is the best title, Love Bombed! and the best subtitle, How to Love Bomb your inner Super Hero and create a radiant Super Life! Wow. A title after my own heart. I love to play with semantics and use new words to convey concepts in a fresh way.  Offering the keys and codes I received directly from Spirit in 1994 that helped me create a fulfilling, meaningful life in an accessible way was the goal. That method is called Creative Alchemy and I have now facilitated children and adults all over the world with consistently wonderful results. We are creative beings, creating consciously or unconsciously. Transforming how we create transforms ourselves and our lives.

These days I feel Love Bombed a lot of the time. It’s the buzzy blissful feeling that comes when we are fully connected and feel guided, held and deeply LOVED! And I want you to feel that way, too. When I don’t, I have all the tools I need to get back on track, and you will too.  By the way, speaking of semantics, when I say God, please insert what makes you feel comfortable. The Universe, The All That Is. Prime Source, The Unified Field, The Fountain of Love, Goddess. I mean all of the above and more.

This book will be the companion for CREATIVE ALCHEMY, Your Future is Boundless. It will be released in 2018 and it will be possible to pre-order here in a few months.

Creative Alchemy at the Quantum Healing Retreat

I worked with Stephanie extensively in a weeklong intensive healing course a few years ago. We did some beautiful healing work together. I not only connected with her pure, powerful and humble energy, I deeply connected with her beautiful heart. Since then, we developed a very strong bond, sisterhood and friendship. Stephanie is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met in my life. To me, she is the embodiment of  Mary Magdalene and the Buddha Guanyin together. She is courageous, intelligent, powerful, humble, kind, strong, assertive and honest. I love her for who she is. What she can do is a pure bonus.

Stephanie helped me edit the manual when I ran my first Quantum Healing Retreat in 2016. It was a great success in transforming the lives of 52 beautiful beings and souls. I recognized the fact that Stephanie’s powerful and beautiful presence contributed greatly to the success of this retreat.

So, I asked her to facilitate the 2017 Quantum Success Retreat for youth.

She brought with her the expertise in the Source Alignment work. The results she created for the attendees were mind-blowing. One of our students created the blueprint of a Quantum Generator through the visionary process of his artwork guided by Stephanie’s teaching. I also witnessed Stephanie transforming an angry, depressed, anxious young woman into a free, happy, wise being in as short as 40 minutes. Stephanie is a genuine spiritual force to be reckoned with. All of our students love Stephanie. Not just because she is smart, intelligent, capable, powerful, but because she is always kind and generous beyond measure.

She is the mother, the sister, the lover, the teacher, the student, the powerful, and the humble, the fierce and the forgiving all at the same time.  This is what makes her so special. I love her with all my heart and I would recommend her service to any spiritual organization for the highest good of all.”

~ Hong Curley, Chinese Medical Practioner, International Business Success Coach, Best Selling Author, Founder of Quantum Healing Retreat & Aspire Humanitarian Foundation

The Shores of Grace

by Stephanie Sinclaire


The Shores of Grace (later republished as God’s Theory of Creativity) is an award-winning spiritual memoir peppered with memories, visions, wild trials and mad adventures. It’s a totally honest record of the highs and lows of an unexpected massive spiritual awakening of the sort that turns lives upside down. Rare visionary experiences were recorded while occurring, to capture as much authenticity as possible. Stephanie was guided on adventures around the world, where wondrous, unexpected and challenging events would inevitably occur.

Comments for the book:

“Compelling, powerful and moving.” ~ Brad Fitzpatrick, Author, Great Grandfather, Spirit

“The Book of Revelations kept repeating in my subconscious. Anyone wanting to explore the world of a truly creative mind should read this book.” ~ Monica Lissak, Playwright and Filmmaker

“Her book gave me the same feeling as Crossing To Avalon. You cannot put it down.” ~ Jeanette Baxter, Global Multilingual Communications

“Reporting back from fantastic, dangerous and experimental territories with poetic elegance and pragmatism Sincaire permits us to enter a most private and sacred zone of human experience …a fearless companion on the journey to awareness.” ~ Anne Hemenway, Director and Co-founder of the Doc Humes Institute, vision tank and publishers

“I am in awe of the intensity and energy that surrounds every description, engulfed and taken into my own world.” ~ Solandra Goodwin, Artist and Teacher

“No longer have to pinch myself to see if I am awake. I know now I am.” ~ Chris Staines, Composer and Music Producer

THE SHORES OF GRACE was chosen by The Prism Project for distribution to all UK prisons and The Edgar Cayce Foundation for distribution to US women’s prisons.

It’s a journey book, a companion, an odyssey, and a teaching manual. There are 32 full-colour replications of paintings she was guided to do during the two-year experience the book captures. Some of these are of visionary experiences and some are records of Transformational Creativity, a methodology she learned directly from Spirit and used to heal herself and now others worldwide.

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